The most fun way to interact with your fans!

Making fan interactions more rewarding! Share exclusive content, offer VIP access, engage through games, and watch your earnings grow.

Teaser Interactive Wheel

Monetize Your Influence and Engage with Your Community


Turn interactions into a fun game. Create your personalized wheel of fortune, and with every spin from a fan, you earn.

Feature Wheel Example


Offer an inside look into your world. Sell limited-time access to your personal social media, and connect more intimately with your fans.

Feature Wheel Example


Control your art's value. Sell your exclusive images and videos directly to fans at your set price

Feature Wheel Example


Make your wishes known. Create a personal wishlist and let your fans buy the items you want or need.

Feature Wheel Example


Offer a bold new service. Rate fan-submitted pictures in a safe, respectful, and fully consensual environment.

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Teaser from an Wheelie accont

Up to 3 wheels per account

Configure up to 3 wheels per account. Give your fans the chance to win a prize defined by you. You define how much a spin on your wheel costs and which prizes you want to give away.

See it in action

Spinning Wheel
Snapchat: 3 Months 👻
* ZONK * 😭😭😭
Promo Code Twitch
Exclusive Image 🍒
Snapchat: 1 Month 👻
* ZONK * 😭
2 Weeks WhatsApp 💜
* Video * 😍
Spinning Wheel Marker

Note #1: All your spins are saved on your profile page any can be reopened at any time. Only visible to you.

Note #2: To receive some prices contacting the wheel creator is needed. You can do that by on the profile page

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Private.Fan?

With Private.Fan you can create your own wheel of fortune and share it with your fans. You can define the prices for each wheel part and set a price for each spin. Furthermore, you can grant exclusive access to your social media, upload purchasable albums and create a wishlist.

Is this service free?

Yes, our website is free of charge. For the payout we charge a fee of 20%.

What's the minimum withdrawal amount?

The minimum wallet balance needs to reach at least $25.00 to make a withrawal request.

What can it be used for?

Wheelie.Site can be used as a fun and interactive way to creatively provide content as a content creator. It is an additional channel to generate passive income.

How can I share my wheel?

By registering you will receive your own profile page with your personal link. You can share this link directly with your fans on all popular social media platforms or link it on your Linktree page.